Hosted VOIP

Business VoiceEdge™ for as low as $34.95/mo.*

  • Flexible and scalable for 5 – 500 lines
  • Unlimited inbound, local and domestic long distance
  • Features that let your voice line follow your business

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Included with your phone solution

Simple digital control

Set up users, manage greetings, update individual features, and more, with ease, through our web portal.


More phones, more locations?
No problem. We can grow with you.


Get one-click, instant access to host and join in a meeting.

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Your business is going places

To get where you’re going faster, you need a fully featured phone system that works wherever you are. And has the apps and devices you rely on every day. Comcast Business cloud-hosted PBX (private branch exchange) solution answers those needs. Plus, it includes many benefits you’d find in a traditional onsite PBX, without the bother of hardware costs and physical storage space.

Business VoiceEdge™

The Power of Cloud-Based Services

Introduce your company to the cloud. With Business VoiceEdge™ you’ll have a cloud-based, Virtual PBX service loaded with calling features that reduce capital expenditures for telephony.

Business VoiceEdge outperforms traditional PBX products, with lower costs, simpler management, and greater scalability.

Make the most of your time with Companion Apps

Our apps let you do more at work, more easily. Customers can log in to their self-service MyAccount website to get started.

  • VoiceEdge for Microsoft Office 365
  • VoiceEdge for Skype™
  • VoiceEdge for Chrome™
  • Softphone
  • Audio-Conferencing
  • CRM Integration

Why Comcast Business

Get Internet speeds up to 1 Gig, a variety of bundling options, plus:

No data caps

customer support

30-day money-back guarantee

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